with Rotating Hosts

Thursdays at 9:00AM

Reviving the lost art of dialogue.

Dena Eakles has called the Driftless home for the past 20 years. Founder of Echo Valley Farm and Echo Valley Hope, they are an advocate for sustainable peace. Author of The Peace Warrior, Dena offers up a weekly commentary that can be found at or you can listen to Consider This every Thursday evening at 5:28 pm here on WDRT.

Ed Holahan was born and raised in New York City, spent his business years inventing toys and games in The Twin Cities and Chicago and moved to Market Farming in the Driftless in 2009. He and Mary Benson have been married for 42 years. They’re getting good at it.

Between “Life: On The Radio” and “Conversations” he has recorded interviews with more than 250 unique guests. He also reads “The View From Here” every Friday morning and hosts “Symphony Sunday” once a month. He lives in Viroqua between church bells and a nursing home.

Steve Brandl and his family moved to to the their small farm in rural La Farge 30 years ago from eastern Wisconsin. He enjoys cattle, gardening , motorcycling and everything it take to keep a homestead running. 

Kailean Welsh is a northeast Iowa farm girl transported across the Mississippi River to Viroqua, via detour through Oklahoma. A student of life, she is awed by the world we live in, fascinated by each person’s unique life story, and curious about all the things we don’t yet know. She thinks a lot, likes to watch the stars, and is always learning something.

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