Community of Goodness
Community of Goodness
Celebrating Joy with Troubadour Larry Long and Storyteller Tom Thibodeau

When you’re in the presence of ultimate goodness there is joy. You can purchase pleasure.  You can produce happiness, but joy is a gift.  Friends are a gift, and they bring us joy.  We enjoy being with our friends.  We waste time with our friends. We hang out with our friends and when we think about them, they put a smile on our face and a skip to our soul saying, “Hello friends.  Hello brother and sister.  It’s just good to be with you.” 

Featured Songs:  Wonderful World |  Words & music by George Weiss & Bob Thiele; Farm Song | Words & music by Larry Long | Copyright Larry Long 1974Renewed 2022 BMI;  I’m Falling in Love with You | Words & Music by Larry Long | Copyright Larry Long 1982; Renewed 2022 BMI.