Community of Goodness
Community of Goodness
Honoring Farmers with Troubadour Larry Long and Storyteller Tom Thibodeau

Where does all the food on our tables come from?  From people who work the land, grow the crops, care for the animals, and make sure we have enough to eat.  Those are your people.  Those are my people.  Give a prayer tonight for the farmer. Give a word of thanks for their labor.  

Featured Songs:   Pope County Blues | Words & Music by Larry Long |  Copyright Larry Long 1977; Renewed 2022 | BMI;  Hauling Freight, No Fences (Honoring Gerald Johanneck: A Truck Driver’s Life) | Words & Music by Larry Long with Youth from Wabasso, Minnesota | Copyright Larry Long 1988; Renewed 2019 | BMI;  Grandma’s Penny Sale | Words & Music by Larry Long | Copyright Larry Long 1982 | BMI