Community of Goodness
Community of Goodness
Honoring The Tree Of Life with Troubadour Larry Long & Storyteller Tom Thibodeau   

We chart our ancestry from the roots and limbs of our family tree.  We plant the placentas of our newborn into the ground to give nourishment to the roots of our children’s birth trees. As Suzanne Simard writes in her book ‘Finding the Mother Tree’, “The older trees are able to discern, which seedlings are their own kin. The old trees nurture the young ones and provide them food and water just as we do with our own children.”  As Oglala Lakota Elder Black Elk spoke, “. . . even in the slightest breeze you can hear the voice of the cottonwood tree; this we understand is its prayer to the Great Spirit, for not only men, but all things. . .”    Featured songs “Tree of Life” and “The Eyes of My Father” by Larry Long (BMI).