Loving it All

with David Banner

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Have you ever wondered why things seem to be getting worse all the time, despite all the government programs, law enforcement agencies, doctors, scientists and others trying their best to come up with solutions? Until we can determine that a proposed solution will have only life-enhancing outcomes we will continue to grope in the dark, trying to solve problems with only limited understanding-and the solutions offered by the limited, fear-based ago will never succeed.

The root problem lies with the ego, a fiction made up inside our minds, assuming a separate self and a hostile world in which the ego needs to struggle and manipulate to survive.This podcast uses the spiritual technology of the Enneagram to illustrate the nine primary delusions of the ego, and shows how this tool can uncover the underlying virtues of each type.Learn how to transcend the limited ego and move into a present=moment awareness of reality and the joy it brings to you and to your world.

Episode Two – The Enneagram

Loving it All
Loving it All
Episode Two - The Enneagram

The first of two chapters that are optional for those who understand the Enneagram typology, or for a review for folks with a cursory understanding.