The Tugboat Captain Show

with The Tugboat Captain

Sundays at 8:00PM

You know my life was saved by rock and roll. The radio in the car had 5 buttons that never changed and like many children born in the age of stock 70s car radios I never knew how to change them. The first was for Bowie, and Big Star, and T.Rex. The second was for Carole King, CSNY, and Simon & Garfunkel. The third was for the Giants, Warriors, and 49ers. The fourth was the same as the first and so was the fifth.

There was KFRC, KSAN, KNBR. There were the dusty Zeppelin, ELO, and Dylan records in the garage played on the old rca console. I tried to connect the music that came off of them with my notion of who my parents were. Later there was KFJC and KSCU, local college stations that kept me awake with the sounds that didn’t come over the radio in dad’s car, played by djs that wanted to play music that people could get excited about, that they cared about. And it was all right.

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