Dusty Grooves

with Rotating Hosts

Saturdays at 8:00PM

1st Saturday: Joe Pedretti

If it has to do with music, Joe is probably into it. A bassist that has played in 17 performing bands over 38 years, mobile dj, radio dj, hobbyist recording engineer, and avid music collector with over 5000 lp’s and cd’s in his ever growing collection. “I have a strong belief that there is great music in every genre, and I love exploring it.” Joe has been spinning vinyl for WDRT since 2014.

2nd Saturday: Mike Crotser

I DJ Dusty Grooves on the second Saturday of the month. I play about every genre of music, except classical. My favorite music includes the sixties, especially as the music transformed during the British Invasion.

Also expect to here big band music, power pop, new wave and punk. My guilty pleasures include Dolly Parton and Alice Cooper. I love finding bargain buy records to play on my show.

3rd Saturday: DJ A 

DJ A is honored to be a part of WDRT and share music with the broader community, both locally and beyond.  He believes music is a vital part of life, having been in numerous bands over the years, and has been a DJ on WDRT since it went on the air.  You are most likely to see him out and about exploring the Driftless area with his family, likely on two wheels.

4th Saturday: Motownjones

My obsession with music, unhealthy at times, began in the early 80s (around age 6) when Buck Loomis, the local Stansfield guy, gifted me a box of 45’s. If I were to name my top 100 bands, The Beatles would not make the list, but the 45 of “Nowhere Man/I’m Looking Through You” had an enormous impact on me. The philosophical lyrics continue to guide me through life to this day.

In the late 80s, when I was 14, I attended my first concert and met 2 out of the 3 bands from that show, setting the madness in motion. WDRT has given me the opportunity to share some of the great music I have discovered over the years. From folk to punk and many genres in between, this shows for you and me. Thanks for tuning in!


5th Saturday: Titmouse

Every 5th Sunday, expect a variety of unique tracks pulled from the eclectic archives of the House of Titmouse. Might there be jazz? Avant garde? Orchestral? Soul? Hip hop? Noise? Poetry? One thing you can count on is a cameo by Joanna Newsom. Enthusiast of many genres, Titmouse is also the co- host of Booty Tunes For The Dairy Air, WDRT’s longest airing dance music program. 

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