Women's Fire
Women's Fire
Sarah Caldwell

*Trigger Warning*- In this episode we discuss the topic of sex trafficking and child sexual abuse

Sarah Caldwell reached out to me saying she felt called to tell her story in a more public way and she thought my platform would be a safe space to do so. Sarah has been on a healing journey for over 20 years as a survivor of sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. In this episode Sarah talks about her emotionally abusive home life and how that left her seeking love and affection which made her a target for sexual predators. Sarah also talks about how she removed herself from that traumatic situation and how she’s been finding her way to health and healing along the way. I admire Sarah for telling her story in the hopes others can find healing in the own trauma journeys.
Resources: 888-373-7888 National Human Trafficking Hotline, humantraffickinghotline.org