Community of Goodness
Community of Goodness
Welcoming Strangers with Troubadour Larry Long & Storyteller Tom Thibodeau

The power of strangers gives us the moral imagination where we have the capacity to care for not only family members but people we do not even know. Mother Teresa was asked, “Mother, why do you do the work you do?”  She looked at the reporter and said, “If I hadn’t picked up that first man, probably never would have picked up the other forty-five thousand.”  We live in the company of strangers.  Do not fear the stranger, welcome the stranger, for whatever we do to the least is most significant. 

Featured songs:   Tramp on the Street | Words & music by Grady Cole & Hazel;  Somalia | Words & music by Larry Long | Copyright Larry Long 1999 (BMI);  Jesus Says | Words & music by Larry Long | Copyright Larry Long 1991; Renewed 2022 (BMI)