Community of Goodness
Community of Goodness
Honoring Caregivers with Troubadour Larry Long and Storyteller Tom Thibodeau

Care comes from a Greek word  that means ‘to cry out’.   Who are the people who care for us when we cry out?  They are the caregivers, but who cares for the caregiver when the caregiver needs care. Who takes care of that nurse, doctor, therapist, and EMT?  Who takes care of the farmer, clerk, and forklift driver?  Who takes care of the mother struggling to put food on the table, teaching her children, and struggling to hold onto her job?  Today we honor those who cry out and need to be listened to when they, too, cry out.  Who takes care of the caregiver?  We all do. 

Featured Songs:  I Love You | Words & Music by Larry Long | Copyright Larry Long 2011 BMI; It Takes a Lot of Peope | Words & Music by Larry Long | Collectively written with students from Strother Elementary School in Little, Oklahoma | Copyright Larry Long 1989 BMI.