Community of Goodness
Community of Goodness
Celebrating Summer and The Driftless with Troubadour Larry Long and Storyteller Tom Thibodeau

The elder storyteller of the Driftless is Ben Logan. In his memorable book The Land Remembers he writes this about summer, “I went out to the cornfields. I knelt by a stock of corn along with the other sounds.  I could hear my heart beating.  The ground was damp against my knees.  The sweet sticky smell of the growing corn was everywhere.  A light breeze started the leaves whispering.  I put my ear up against the stalk.  There was something there. It was a little stretching, popping noise, that could have been the corn pushing upward.  I moved my ear away from the stalk and the sound was gone.  I tried several times, each time the sound was there.  I had heard corn growing.  It was a pleasant secret I carried with me through the days.”    As Larry Long writes in his song Going Home to the Driftless, “A hoot owl is calling. A coyote howling. Down in the wetlands a north wind blows.  Moonlight on the water.  No need to go farther than right where I am. In this place I call home.”

Featured songs:  Going Home to the Driftless | Words & music by Larry Long | Copyright Larry Long 2021 BMI;   Dr. Bauer You Mean the World To Me | Words & music by Larry Long | Copyright Larry Long 2021 BMI | Isabelle |  Words & music by Larry Long | Copyright Larry Long 2021 BMI.