Community of Goodness
Community of Goodness
Honoring Generosity with Troubadour Larry Long & Storyteller Tom Thibodeau   

Generosity is not merely something that we do, but an admirable quality of character.  A generous person naturally engages in acts of generosity.

One of those generous individuals was Ms. Gladys Milton.  Ms. Milton lived to be 75 years of age and delivered over 3,000 babies throughout rural Alabama and Florida in her lifetime.  Most of which, were home births due to Jim Crow laws,  which prevented African American women from giving birth in hospitals.  

Another woman of generosity was the Mrs. Virginia McKnight Binger whose father, a chief executive of 3M, and mother set up the McKnight Foundation.  Every year under the banner of ‘Unsung Heroes’, the McKnight Foundation and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits keeps Virginia McKnight Bingers legacy alive by honoring four change agents working in and with their communities — helping people connect with one another, secure resources, and tell their truths. 

Featured songs:  Why Not Me Lord (Honoring Gladys Milton) & I Love You (Honoring Virginia McKnight Binger). Copyright Larry Long 2021 | BMI